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About Us



Dermaplast at Dr.Tariq hospital recognizes that its clients are the center of its universe. It embraces and adopts the highest standards and most contemporary science in delivering plastic surgery, laser dermatology and allied services to these clients in a caring and compassionate environment. Dermaplast exists to assist clients in reaching their full potential in life through improving their self-image and self-confidence.

Dermaplast exists to promote the highest standard of treatment and care in Plastic Surgery in general and Aesthetic surgery in particular in Bahrain and in surrounding region.


Dermaplast aims to be the number one choice for clients when they choose to consider Plastic, Laser, Aesthetic or Dermatological services. Dermaplast aims to become a recognized leader in its field among its peers in the Arab region and beyond.

Our organization wishes to recognize that the highest quality of care and service is never accidental, rather, it is a never ending journey towards perfection.


Dr. Tariq Hospital Team

Dr. Tariq Hospital Team